Fantastic Feedback for Healthy, Wealthy, Beautiful!

Everyone who has sought help from Healthy, Wealthy, Beautiful! has been pleased with their results. You could be the next success story!  These are results ONLY 45 minutes  after using the Ultimate Body Applicator!

What Others Are Saying

“…She’s real and understands the extremes of life. She understands the good, the tempting, the bad, the fake, the scary, the terrified. And if she doesn’t know an aspect of my world, she listens and keeps it real.”

—N. Nugent, New York

“Melissa is committed to the health and wellness of everyone that she comes in contact with. This is evident by her own self care. In supporting others we are also included. I’ve had the distinct honor of personally being inspired by Melissa, through my journey in building my own business. Melissa’s ability to be an effective listener and provide me with tools to support my business, which for me is an essential part of my health, wellness, and success. I can recall providing a proposal to an organization which Melissa was affiliated with. When I mentioned that I knew Melissa, the response was, “we love Melissa.” Ditto to that. She is a mentor, a coach and the difference who supports the WHOLE you. I highly recommend Melissa’s services.”

-K. Orr-Hudson

“Melissa is fabulous! With excellent work ethic and integrity.” T. Williams

“Melissa, thank you so much for being such a positive inspiration in my life. You have inspired me to DREAM again, to look at the glass as half full and not empty. Your words have always helped me to see beyond the now and into the future. Because of you I have broaden my horizons and skies the limit!!! ” Proverbs 1:5-A wise man will hear, and will increase learning; and a man of understanding shall attain unto wise counsels

-C. Washington, New Jersey

I never really believed I would have a life change that would be constant. All that has changed with the help and companionship of my relationship with “healthywealthybeautiful”. I have lost weight. My passion for food has changed to whats not only good to me, but good for me. I have embraced exercise as a way of life. Matter of fact I can’t live without it. (Go figure). And the best part is this is not for any particular reason, its a real life change. I am so grateful to Melissa for all the work she does, she does the research, and passes the much needed help to whomever will benefit from it. I’m glad she’s in my life. Thanks “healthywealthybeautiful”, you rock!”

– Patricia H.