5 Tips to Help With Weight-Loss!


We all weight-loss can be such a difficult thing to achieve. especially for those of us who are in our 40’s.  Hormonal changes, drops in energy, and lack of time are all contributing factors.  Here are a few things I did that help me shed some unwanted pounds:


  1. CLEANSE!  I am an avid believer in intestinal cleansing.  Our bodies are bombarded with so many toxins.  It’s imperative that we routinely cleanse with an effective cleanse that deals with both the small and large intestines, as well as the liver.  My favorite cleanse is  aloe based and gets the job done in 2 days.  You can order yours HERE.
  2. HYDRATE!  Drinking half your body weight & ounces is something we all have heard but ho many of us actually do it.  Often dehydration is mistaken for hunger.  Our bodies need proper hydration to function.  Hydration also helps me with  regularity, energy, hair, skin, and nails, as well as…..you guessed it weight loss!
  3. MOVE!  I started parking further away from my office door for work, power hooping, and of course dancing!  It doesn’t matter what you do it just matters that you do something.  It’s simple- Get moving, burn those calories.  Try yoga, pilates, walking, swimming, play with your children, skip rope…it doesn’t matter what you do just do something.  Raise that heart rate.  Your body will thank you!
  4. EAT!  starving yourself doesn’t help you lose weight.  Our bodies need food.  I have found it is critically important what we consume however to achieve weight loss.  Recently, I’ve adapted the KETO way of eating.  Keto is a high fat, moderate protein, low carb way of eating.  The science is basically, by drastically lowering carbohydrate consumption we force our bodies to burn fat which is a much better fuel source.  What I have found is increased energy, focus and yep..weight loss!
  5. PROBIOTIC!  I highly recommend taking a quality probiotic or a GREENS supplement with probiotics on a daily basis.  This will help you maintain a healthy immune system and digestive system.  We are only as good as what our bodies can absorb and digest right?  Probiotics help keep a healthy flora within our system.

As with anything, consistency is key.  I’m feeling great.  My energy is increased and the weight-loss is happening is happening with ease.

What are some tips you have found helped with your weight loss? Comment below!

I’d love to hear from you,


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