2016: The Year of Financial Breakthrough!

2016 It Works Bonuses

Did you hear the INCRDIBLE NEWS?!

My company announced they will be giving away a $1,000 lump sum to anyone who becomes a distributor and achieves “RUBY” rank within the next 60 days .

I’ve committed to taking on 5 new individuals to mentor,  lead and support to achieve this.   I’m so excited because it doesn’t matter where you reside,  I can help you!

My dream team is expanding and I’d love to have you on it

A Ruby is someone who takes action, commits to get started with their $99 and knows at least 3-5 other people who be INTERESTED in make some money along with them.  A Ruby earns $600 monthly ( not including bonuses & wrap cash).  Want more!??  

NO problem, there’s a $2000 Bonus available too.

Think this is for you?  Let’s make 2016 the year of your financial breakthrough.  Let me help you begin earning a substantial, additional income stream today.